The most expensive living creature

The most expensive living creature, Figuring out the prices of pearl is really hard experienced jewellers know that they are more expensive than diamonds. especially when you consider certains facts, the price of the pearl is influenced by size, color, shape and even the texture, the more smoother it is the more expensive it is. In short the niggger a smoother the pearl is the more money you will pay for it.

The most expensive living creature
Expensive Living Creature

Largest Pearl in the World

This gigantic pearl weigh about 34 kg and is found in Philippines. The record belongs to pearl that is neither round or smooth, its value is estimated to be about $100 million dollars, But pearl of regular shape there is one which is valuable.

Most Expensive Pearl

Melo Melo pearls are natural, non-nacreous calcareous concretions or masses of mineral produced by the marine gastropod species known as Volutidae—a large sea snail dubbed melo melo. … The rarity and exclusivity of the Melo-Melo colors in the field of gem pearls enhances their value, as well their exotic allure.

Melo Melo Pearls are rare

Oysters and mussels can be cultured or farmed to create pearls, however, the Melo pearl has not yet been successfully cultured. This means that every Melo pearl found is natural, grown in the wild through the creature’s own devices—making Melo pearls all the more desirable and rare.

How much will a Melo Melo pearl costs ?

When set in beautiful jewelry, melo melo pearls command very high prices. Famous auction house Christies has auctioned off melo pearls in the past, with high quality unmounted pearls typically going for over $75,000 while some mounted pearls have cost over $250,000.

Melo Melo Pearl Jewelry

How many Melo Melo’s are left ?

Melo pearls are very rare in the market. They are most prized for the orange color, similar to that of a ripe papaya. At present, there are only about 200 melo pearls in existence worldwide, mainly from the royal treasures of the Nguyen Dynasty, the last dynasty of Vietnam.

Formation of Melo Melo pearl

Formation – Non-nacreous melo pearls are formed when an irritant enters the mantle of a mollusk; it may take several decades to grow a melo pearl of significant size. Color – Ranges from intense orange to orange, yellowish-orange, yellow, to almost white. Rare color of reddish-orange has been reported.

How and where can we get Melo melo pearls ?

Melo Melo pearls are, in some ways, beyond natural. First, they are found not in oysters but in large sea snails of the family volutidae, which are occasionally spotted in the South China Sea and off the coast of Myanmar. The pearls take their own sweet time to form within their gastropod creators.

The most expensive living creature

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