Facts about Charlie Chaplin

Facts about Charlie Chaplin, Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin KBE was an English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer who rose to fame in the era of silent film. He became a worldwide icon through his screen persona, The Tramp, and is considered one of the most important figures in the history of the film industry.

charlie dislike

Fact #1 Charlie disliked one thing !

Did You Know That Charlie Chaplin Was Hated & Ridiculed For Not Enlisting in WW1. Charlie Chaplin was ridiculed and denigrated when he didn’t volunteer to fight in the First World War. It was only after his death that the world realized how great a service he did by choosing the film studio over the battlefield.

Charlie Chaplin, byname of Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, (born April 16, 1889, London, England—died December 25, 1977, Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland), British comedian, producer, writer, director, and composer who is widely regarded as the greatest comic artist of the screen and one of the most important figures

Unique charlie chaplin

Fact #2 What was unique about him

Charlie Chaplin had a unique charisma about himself, able to capture the essence of the everyman, using his acting abilities to turn his emotions and feelings into a commanding physical presence. Indeed, Charlie Chaplin changed the world for film and became one of the most famous stars of the silent movie era to date.

Facts about Charlie chaplin

Fact #3 Why was charlie so popular ?

Famous for his character “The Tramp,” the sweet little man with a bowler hat, mustache and cane, Charlie Chaplin was an iconic figure of the silent-film era and was one of film’s first superstars, elevating the industry in a way few could have ever imagined.

Net worth of Charlie was around $400 Million, 5 ft 4 in (1.65 m) in Height

banned from USA

Fact #4 Charlie Chaplin was banned from USA

He was accused of communist sympathies, and some members of the press and public found his involvement in a paternity suit, and marriages to much younger women, scandalous. An FBI investigation was opened, and Chaplin was forced to leave the United States and settle in Switzerland.

wives of charlie chaplin
Wives of Charlie Chaplin

Fact #5 Charlie married four times

Charlie Champlin got married to Milred harris as first wife. later he married three teenage girls, Lita Grey, Paulette Goddard, Oona O’Niell.

Oona O’Neill, the daughter of the famed playwright Eugene O’Neill, is an 18-year-old freshly minted high-school graduate and fledgling actress when she marries 54-year-old Charles Chaplin, the internationally renowned actor, filmmaker and Hollywood legend, on June 16, 1943, in Santa Barbara, California.

Death of Charlie chaplin : 25 December 1977, Manoir de Ban, Switzerland

Facts about Charlie Chaplin

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