Green Blood

Green Blood, Blood does not turn green under water. This notion is a misconception or a misunderstanding. The color of blood is primarily determined by the presence of hemoglobin, a protein that binds with oxygen and gives blood its red color. In oxygenated blood (blood carrying oxygen), the iron in hemoglobin forms a complex that reflects red light.

When blood is outside the body and exposed to air, it may undergo changes in color due to factors such as oxidation. However, these changes typically result in a brownish color rather than green.

If someone observed blood appearing green underwater, it might be due to the interaction of the red color of blood with the surrounding water and lighting conditions. Water can alter the way light is absorbed and reflected, potentially influencing the perceived color of objects. However, this is an optical phenomenon and not an actual change in the blood’s color.

In the deep ocean, the color of water itself can influence how things appear. Water absorbs and scatters light, and as you go deeper, certain colors are absorbed more quickly than others. Red and orange colors, for example, are absorbed more rapidly, leaving blue and green as dominant colors in the deep ocean.

If you were to observe something red, like blood, in the deep ocean, the lack of red light at those depths might make it appear darker or even black. The remaining blue and green light can interact with the object and the surrounding water, potentially giving the illusion of a different color. This phenomenon is due to the way light behaves underwater and can cause objects to appear differently than they would in the air.

So, while blood itself doesn’t turn green underwater, the combination of its color and the optical properties of water and light in the deep ocean might create a different visual perception. Keep in mind that this is a simplification, and the actual appearance can be influenced by various factors, including water clarity, ambient light, and the specific conditions of the underwater environment.

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